FACT: Blacks make-up 13% of America.
Blacks are responsible for over half of America's violent crimes.

According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and "Other" 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. - U.S. Department of Justice - Bureau of Justice Statistics

2013 - 2017 FBI Crime Reports, (Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter)

2017 FBI Report, Table 43A - Blacks were responsible for 53.1% of all murders in America.

2016 FBI Report, Table 21A - Blacks were responsible for 52.6% of all murders in America.

2015 FBI Report, Table 43A - Blacks were responsible for 51.1% of all murders in America.

2014 FBI Report, Table 43A - Blacks were responsible for 51.3% of all murders in America.

2013 FBI Report, Table 43A - Blacks were responsible for 52.2% of all murders in America.

9/10/2018 - Auburn, WA - Three black males watch store clerk have a heart attack during an argument. All three of them leave the store. Two of them come back. They steal cigarettes and just over $100.00. They run off and leave the clerk to die. Source: Facebook - Auburn, WA

10/07/2018 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 60 of 80 homicides Black lives—September 2018 homicides, 4 of 6 victims African Americans

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Daily Black Crime News Headlines


Massachusetts - Police say black man broke into Boston apartment, sexually assaulted woman inside - Police described the suspect as a black male with short hair, dark-colored shirt, light-colored pants and sneakers.

Nevada - Police are searching for the black man who attempted robbery at Ellis Island Casino - According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a Black male entered the business and went directly to the cash cage.

North Carolina - KPD Reports Two Black Male Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested - Ja’len Johnson - Shea Langley

Ohio - Man found shot dead, police still searching for three black male suspects - Investigators say he was last seen in the parking lot speaking with a tall, thin black male, in his mid-20’s, standing next to a silver vehicle. Detectives are also interested in speaking with two young black males who were seen having an altercation in the bar earlier that evening.

Texas - Black male suspect sought after 2 teen sisters shot, one fatally, through apartment window in southeast Oak Cliff - He is described as a black male wearing a dark hoodie with a distinct logo on the back and writing on the sleeve.

Virginia - Staunton Police seek black male suspect in Little Caesar’s robbery - The suspect is described as a black male, possibly in his 20s or early 30s.

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